KGH Foundation Not Alone Campaign

A friend of mine that I went to UBCO with (in Kelowna, BC) and who was also my peer mentor recently passed away. Sydney had causes like the KGH Foundation Not Alone campaign very close to her heart and I wanted to come on here to highlight the importance of it both for her and the cause.

Not Alone is Kelowna General Hospital’s campaign to raise $2 million to open Foundry Kelowna which will be a new mental health care centre that will cater towards youth and families. We definitely all know someone that suffers from some form of mental illness whether it be some form of depression, an anxiety disorder, eating disorder, schizophrenia.. The list goes on. One in five youth in BC need help with mental health and substance use but only 25% receive the care they need.

The Not Alone campaign in conjunction with the Canadian Mental Health Association Kelowna is making a big step to help youth and families affected by mental illness or addiction by opening up an integrated youth mental health care centre in Kelowna General Hospital. If you can take five minutes out of your day to read about the cause or even donate, it brings us that much closer to really helping people and families touched by mental illness or substance use. has all the information regarding this very important campaign.