Brandon, Manitoba

Hey all,

So I’ve been thinking about the town I live in lately, and I thought it’d be cool to share some photos of what Brandon, Manitoba looks like.

Note: none of the photos belong to me, credit will be linked underneath all photos.

This is the McKenzie Seeds building in downtown Brandon. It’s a very old building from the early 1900’s. I think it’s mostly abandoned except the basement of the building is used for Brandon’s yearly haunted house during Halloween.

Photo credit:

This image below is of the Prairie Fire House also in downtown Brandon. It used to be Brandon’s main fire house but it has now been converted into a restaurant.

Photo credit:

This photo is just a picture of the prairies just on the outskirts of Brandon, up on the north hill. It’s especially pretty at sunset.

Photo credit:

Brandon is very close to the Shilo army base. Below is a picture of the Canadian Forces Base sign at Shilo. A ton of people who live in Brandon are affiliated with the Canadian Forces.

Photo credit: CTV News

CFB Shilo Sign
Photo credit:

So that’s a couple photos of Brandon, MB and the army base near by! It’s a great little town to live in.


Author: karleywoods

I’m 20 years old originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba but have lived in Brandon, Manitoba for about 10 years now. Brandon is a small farm town close to the Saskatchewan border, in the middle of the Canadian prairies. I enjoy writing and discovering new music, as well as photography.

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